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Ten Years of Dreaming

November 23, 2007, was the day I went from living a life, to living a life of purpose.

The 23rd itself was nothing more than moving furniture, but the 3,688 days that followed were more challenging and rewarding than I could’ve ever imagined possible.

88,512 hours of love, anger, frustration, and joy.

Periodically I pause to reflect on those times and am so grateful that time and age have a way of washing away the jagged edges, leaving behind a collection of memories where the good far outweighs the bad. It is during these times I realize how lucky I have been.

Sometimes I ask “what if” questions about our lives, and my life always ends up a little less crazy and joyous, but for the boys, I can’t fathom the “what ifs” of their lives.

There have been times when I’ve asked the boys if they have any regrets about coming to America; if they could go back in time and tell their parents not to do it, would they? Even with the clock running out on their Visas, they all agree that coming to America has been the best thing in their lives. In some cases it has lifted them from poverty, giving them food, shelter, and security they lacked at home, while in other instances America has provided a launch pad to futures otherwise not possible.

And they are bright futures.

We have achieved all of this because folks like you saw value in helping the boys. You have provided donations, connections, and work opportunities (because nothing in life should be free!) that have been the fuel to propel us forward.

It is incredible to reflect on where we are now, 3,688 days later. Gleb is a graduate of Bucknell University, Max a junior at Alma College, and Daniil a sophomore at Wittenberg University. As far as Artemii, when a supporter recently asked him where he wanted to go to college, he took out his phone and began scrolling through a list of schools over twenty long. Seeing the look of surprise on my face, he said to me, “I already researched them, and they offered aid to international students.” With such an intrinsic drive, I can only imagine how great his future will be.

All of what these boys have done and continue to do is because of you. Your donations help to cover room and board, health care, and now for Artemii, testing fees and flights for college visits before his senior year. We cannot thank you enough for making all of these dreams possible! Here is to another 100,000 hours of changing the world, one life at a time.

Thanks for your continued support.


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23110 State Road 54 #270
Lutz, FL 33549